Own Private Property
Tinapa Business Resort - Advertisement Branding of two (2) water and irrigation reservoirs
Design and Construction of a BRT Bus Shelter
Design/build- Private Duplex Property
OK Foods Industries - Construction of a 2160sq.m wearhouse and office space.
Tetrazzini Chicken Restaurant - Design/build of a fast food outlet with office units

Who We Are

FIBIS has been privileged to work on some of the most distinguished and high-profile Residential buildings, commercial and industrial projects in Nigeria. Located in the commercial nerve of Nigeria, (Lagos) the company has been favourably successful with its name on many engineering projects, amidst the great competition of the region.

FIBIS has years of experience as a general contractor, project/construction manager and design builder. Our specialties include interior and exterior renovations, remodelling, building additions and ground up construction of new buildings.

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